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More About V.I.P.E.R. - VIP. Etheric Remedy

Committed to Your Future

Mr. Nikolas Syrgianis, the founder of MVOC spiritual system and VAIRAcademy, has created a special program-remedy for you. His expertise in the spiritual field, can help you recover yourself, find a new meaning in your life, find your purpose again.
In VIPER solutions, he will show you how you can balance wealth, career and inner power, become efficient, enjoy your life, get rid of guilts, get rid of fears.

He will help you overcome any fear, small or big. He will let you understand what death is and will set you and your loved ones free.

It is a special program for VIP’s, in full confidentiality that is secured by contract.

It can be a private program, or a family program.

Mr. Syrgianis, can apply this program in your place wherever you live or through web, depending on your desire and safety.

Duration and cost varies, depending on needs, demands and circumstances.

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